TOURNOI Barcelone, 26/06/2010


Chers tous,

Je vous invite à rejoindre l'equipe qui représentera le BUWH lors de la 11ème édition du tournoi de Barcelone.

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Rapport de compétition du 20 février 2010 à Rijswijk


Samedi 20 février, une équipe a représenté  les couleurs du BUWH à la compétition du club Baracudda aux Pays-Bas à Rijswijk. L’équipe était composée de 6 joueurs du buwh - Philip, Cindy, Stefano, Stefanie, Jérémy et Laurie – et renforcée d’un joueur hollandais, Edgar, ainsi que de 2 joueurs italiens en stage aux Pays-Bas pour le week end – Davide et Roberto.

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Tournoi : 2009-06-27 : Barcelone


Ce samedi 27 juin 2009, une équipe de représentants du BUWH a pris part à l'OPEN de Barcelone.

Jacques, Fons, CH, Florent, Valerian et Romain étaient coachés par Ben.

Lors du premier tour, l'équipe a perdu un match contre les futurs vainqueurs de la compétition (BS = Sandor, Tanja et leurs amis)  et fait un malheureux match nul contre la sélection catalane (1-1). Elle a remporté tous ses autres matches de la journée.

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Tournoi : 2009-09-13 Tournoi Sepia Hairless Joe 2009 (Sepia, NL)



Sepia Toernooi

Hairless Joe plays again 

Organisateur : Hans van der Kleij

Type : Sports- Événement sportif

Réseau : Mondial

Date : dimanche 13 septembre 2009

Heure : 13:00 - 19:00

Lieu : Zwembad de Lansingh

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Tournoi : 2009-09-19 Argonauta 20th Tournament (Breda, NL)


Dear fellow-underwaterhockey players!

Argonauta’s 20th!!! International Underwaterhockey Tournament will be held on Saturday 19 September 2009 at swimming pool 'de Wisselaar' located at the Terheijdenseweg 494 in Breda (Netherlands)

The tournament will be similar to last year: we play in two fields (15x16m) at 2m depth. There are three leagues: Top, Sub-top and Ladies. Please mark on your entry-form in which league you wish to participate.

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Tournoi : 20090711-12 Sevilla (SN)


Date : Wed, 18 Mar 2009

De :

Sujet : II International Tournament of Underwater Hockey in memory of Javi López Conde




The Seville University Club of Underwater Activities (CUASS) and the Andalusia Federation of Underwater Activities (FAAS) have the pleasure to invite you to :

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Tournoi : 20090418 Newport Octopush (UK)



Newport Octopush 10th Anniversary Tournament - 18/04/2009


All are welcome to come and compete in this tournament to celebrate 10 glorious octopushing years since Newport Octopush Club began.


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Tournoi : 20090516 Madrid


Tournoi : 20090516 Madrid



Dear underwaterhockey friends,


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Pictures - Tournoi de Seville - Memorial Xavi Lopez Conde


Chères buweuses,

Chers buwheurs,

Ci-dessous le lien pour accéder aux photos du Tournoi de Seville 2008.

Aucun buwheur n'y a participé pour cause de billet d'avion exorbitant en plein mois d'été.

Mais nous y étions un peu grâce à un joueur médaillé qui porte hautement nos couleurs (photo _MG_8702).

Que des bons échos de ce tournoi en mémoire du joueur espagnol Xavier.

Il y avait du soleil, pas comme à Parme ...

Encore merci à Pedro pour ce beau travail !


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Firenze Cup's Results


The second Italian Open ("Firenze Cup") has been last Saturday 2 June 2007 in Florence.

BUWH took proudly part to this fantastic competition. BUWH was represented by Sophie, Fanny B., Karin, Romain, Sébastien, Frédéric, Bennie, Phillip, Gaetan, Ly and Florent.

16 teams were registered for this event. The level of this competition was high as many international (CMAS medalists) players were presents.

The AMAZON team from the Netherlands (Sandor, Tania, Julian, amongst other) has won the final against Ljubljana who was assisted by the great Eryl Adams from London. Slough (London) won the third place defeating a great Team mixing the best Slovenian players from Kranj and two very skillful Scottish players from ORKNEY VIKINGS Club. BUWH lost (1-3) the game for the 5th row against a rebuild Spanish team (which seems to have learned a lot since its memorable defeat against the Belgian National Team in Sheffield).

We may also mention: the first participation of a team from Switzerland (Welcome into the great UWH world Switzerland !), the progression of the German team and the last place of the French Team from Pontoise (that was registered but finally did never showed up).

After a nice party, we have finished the night in a park boarding the Arno before reaching (very late) our accommodation nearby Piazza Michelangelo.

We had a wonderful Sunday in the wonderful City of Florence: Piazza della Signoria, Corso, Cathedral, Repubblica, Casa di Dante, Uffizi, Ponte Vecchio, Palazzo and a beautiful lost “piazza” where we had a fantastic meal on a terrace. (Stendhal’s syndrome was not far for some of us…)   

Once again our trip to Florence was a wonderful moment.

Thank again to the entire Parma Team ( its great organization.

We really look forward to come back in Italy as soon as possible.



From what I remember the final ranking was: 

1. Amazone-team (Dutch)

2. Ljubljana (Slovenia)

3. Slough UWH (U.K.)

4. Kranj-Orkney (Slovenia, Scotland)

5. Spain Male (Spain)

6. Buwh(Belgium)

7. Pirana (Hungary)

8. H2BO (Italy)

9. Dordrecht (Nederland)

10. H.S. Ducale (Italy)

11. Budapest (Hungary)

12.Schlickteufel Elmshorn (Germany)

13. Sub Cagliari (Italy)

14. Sangria (Spain + other girls)

15. H.S. Cirie

16. Pontoise-Cergy(France) (never showed up)


[NOTES: Orkney is an Island on the North of Scotland. Landscapes are amazing and you may find there incredible the first human building from the Stone Age. Inhabitants have two passions Highland Park Whisky and… UnderWaterHockey! UWH is compulsory at school and everybody plays there. Sebastien and I were really lucky to go there with our Aberdeen Uni Team in 2003. Orkney players are really good and we strongly recommend to everyone to attend their next tournament in August [hyperlink invitation]

Stendhal’s syndrome : ]  

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